National Popcorn Day Messages, Quotes and Greetings

National Popcorn Day Messages, Quotes

19th January is celebrated as National Popcorn Day. The love for popcorn goes beyond borders and cultures as it makes a perfect company when you are watching a movie. This is certainly a fun day and you must celebrate it with your family and friends by sending them Happy Popcorn Day greetings and popcorn quotes. Wish them with fun Popcorn Day quotes and Popcorn Day messages.

Here is the collection of some of the most amazing Popcorn Day Messages and Popcorn Day Quotes to share with your loved ones on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

National Popcorn Day Messages and Quotes

1. Warm wishes on Popcorn Day to you. May each and every popcorn you have has popped properly and brings you happiness.

2. Wishing you good taste and warm wishes on the special day of Popcorn Day. May you enjoy the goodness of popcorns whenever you watch a movie.

3. Popcorn Day reminds us that it is time to sit with your dear ones, enjoy some gossip or watch a movie as you munch on popcorns. Happy Popcorn Day to you.

4. Whether you like them caramelized or salted, cheesy or chilli, it is time to celebrate them because we all love them. Warm wishes on Popcorn Day.

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5. There is only one thing that I don’t want to share with anyone and that is my tub of popcorns. Wishing you a very Happy Popcorn Day.

6. When you are out for a movie, your experience is incomplete without a generous quantity of popcorn. Happy Popcorn Day to you.

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7. Popcorns are probably the easiest and the tastiest things to eat. On Popcorn Day, I wish you are showered with lots of popcorns whenever you want them.

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8. No matter how much you eat, your desire for popcorn will always make you want to eat them more. Warm wishes on Popcorn Day to you.

Funny Eating Popcorn Memes

One popcorn is never enough.

Popcorn is what we all want.

Popcorns make the best partner.

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