Happy Pig Day Greetings Messages – Pig Love Quotes

Pig Day Greetings Messages, wishes

National pig day is celebrated on March 1st every year in United States and United Kingdom. This celebration was started by two sisters Ellen Stanley, and Mary Lynne Rave in 1972. Pigs are intelligent cute animals that are domesticated. This celebration is done by tying pink ribbons around trees and on wrists in honor of pigs. There are many fun events and sports conducted on this National pig day. Let us spread the awareness on how important these cute piggies are in human life. Let us let live these cute creatures and not kill them for pork. Share the National Pig day wishes messages, cute pig love quotes, pig day wishes, Pig Captions, greetings images on Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook.

Happy Pig Day Greetings Messages, Wishes, Quotes

1). Pigs have a snout for all good things right now it’s you. Happy National Pig day

2). Pig day is here, all the piggies are wishing you a big hi. Happy National Pig day

3). Wobbling all your way, a big fat pig says hello on a pig day

4). On this National pig day, let us acknowledge that pigs are the 4th intelligent creatures. Let’s allow them to live. Happy National pig day

5). Pigs are cute creatures and very social. They are very caring towards humans. Happy pig day

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6). Piglets learn to respond to their name after 2-3 weeks. Let’s give a cute name to our pet pigs. Happy national pig day

7). Piggies can run a mile in 7 minutes. It’s fun to race with a piglet. Go piggy go. Happy National Pig Day

8). Let us acknowledge the importance of these cute pink creatures who are a part of our lives. Happy National pig day

9). Its National Pig day. Let’s us celebrate this day with our family and friends and remember these cute creatures. Happy National pig day

10). Happy national pig day to all. Let us acknowledge the importance of pigs on this day.

Happy Pig Quotes & Sayings

 “I’ve always loved pigs: the shape of them, the look of them, and the fact that they are so intelligent.” – Maurice Sendak

“Everything in a pig is good. What ingratitude has permitted his name to become a term of opprobrium?” – Grimod de la Reynière

“Nobody creates a fad. It just happens. People love going along with the idea of a beautiful pig. It’s like a conspiracy.” – Jim Henson

Funny Pig Quotes for Instagram

It is not possible to fatten the pig on the market day.

There is no point having a wrestle with a pig because you get dirty and the pig enjoys it.

Putting wings on a pig will not make it an eagle.

Never try to teach a pig to sing as it can get really annoying.

Pigs may look cute and that is it.

If you love hygiene, you can never love a pig.

Pig Captions for Instagram

Pigs are only good to look at but not always.

Falling for pig is the biggest mistake to commit.

Cleanliness and love for pig cannot happen to the same person.

Where there are pigs, there has to be lots of dirt around.

It is strange how pigs enjoy living where we cannot even stand.

Pigs are cute and that is what makes them adorable.

Pig Jokes One Liners

Olympigs is the most popular athletic game tournament in which only pigs participate.

Pigs love the slop machine and that is why they love going to the casino.

Whenever a pig is unwell, it is time to give them oinkment.

The perfect way for pigs to express their affection to their wives is by sending them hogs.

Pigs live in a pen and that’s the reason they always have ink over their face.

Pigs go on a gilt trip when they have a fight with their wife.

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