National Kiss And Make Up Day

National Kiss And Make Up Day 2016

National Kiss And Make Up Day is the best day to put an end to your fights and arguments by making up to your loved ones. If your parent, sibling, partner, friend, spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend is upset with you because you did something wrong then use this day which falls on 25th August, as a perfect opportunity to make up for your actions by sending them beautiful messages.

Here is an unmatched collection of lovely National Kiss And Make Up Day messages and wonderful quotes that promise to resolve your fight.

1. I know I have hurt you. The only way I know to make up to you is by saying “I am sorry”. Please forgive me for I never meant to say what I meant. I am sorry for what I did and I just want to hug you tight and apologize to you.

2. What I did was a stupid and impulsive act…. I know I cannot take back my words or erase my actions. But I can do everything to make you feel better, to express my feelings to you, to tell you that I am sorry. Sending apologies to my sweetheart with a hope for forgiveness.

3. I did a wrong thing and I can wait as long as you want, for forgiveness. You take your time to forgive me because I will wait forever, to forgive me, to love me back and to start this all over again because you are my life. I am sorry and I really am!!!!

4. The pain in my heart has been increasing since the day I hurt you…. But trust me, I am in more pain than you because you are hurt because of me. I plead you to please put an end to this suffering with your forgives for this is the first and the last time for me. Sorry my dear.

5. Forgetting our anniversary doesn’t mean you are not important to me. You were, you are and you will always be the most special person in my life and I want to celebrate each day with you, for you make every moment special. I am sorry… I love you and I never intend to hurt you.

6. Arguments and fights are a part of every relationship as they help us grow. I know our arguments have gone too far but my intention was not to give you pain. I am sorry and I hope you will understand me and forgive me, for this will never happen again!!

7. You are my best friend and you have a special place in my life. Just because I am afraid of losing you, I get jealous and possessive when it comes to sharing with you other people. I am sorry for being over reactive, it is just my love for you and nothing more my dear.

8. My intention was just to make you happy but in that mode I overlooked your comfort and forgot what you desired. I am sorry for not doing what you like, for not looking for happiness in yours. Please forgive me. I am extremely sorry for running your special day.

9. I have just shows you that I am one stupid person because of the mistake I did. Now please show me that you are the best person by forgiving me for my careless actions. Please cut down your anger and be nice to me because I am genuinely very sorry.

10. I am sorry for taking your presence, smiles and time, all for granted. In my busy life, I forgot that you are the only person who is the reason for my smiles and happiness. I will never ever do this again because I love you the most. Please accept my apologies because you are the best.

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