National Chocolate Day October 28, 2018 – Chocolate Text Messages and Wishes

National Chocolate Day October 28 - Chocolate Day messages, Wishes greetings image

National Chocolate Day is celebrated annually on October 28. It is one of the most loved flavours across the world and surely deserves a day which celebrates all things chocolate. Celebrate National Chocolate Day 2018 in United States of America with beautiful National Chocolate Day messages, quotes and wishes.

Enjoy the newest collection of lovely Chocolate Day wishes for lover. We even have yummy Chocolate Day messages for best friend. Use these Chocolate Day Facebook and WhatsApp status to share with your loved ones and bring a sweet smile on this wonderful occasion!!!

Sweet Chocolate Day Wishes for Girlfriend

1. I love chocolates but I love you more…. Chocolates are sweet but you are sweeter…. Happy National Chocolate Day to my darling girlfriend.

2. I promise to fill each and every day of your life with the best of chocolates…. Best wishes on National Chocolate Day to you.

3. The one thing that never fails to bring back your smile is CHOCOLATE…. Happy National Chocolate Day to you my love.

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Romantic Chocolate Day Wishes for Boyfriend

4. Sending my love and best wishes on National Chocolate Day because you are much sweeter than chocolates.

5. Though I love you the most but on National Chocolate Day I want to tell you that I love chocolates more.

6. Life is better when you have found love and found someone who can buy you chocolates everyday…. Happy National Chocolate Day darling.

National Chocolate Day Text messages for Friends

7. There is nothing sweeter than a friend, until and unless it is a chocolate that you enjoy with your friend…. Happy National Chocolate Day to you.

8. I can do anything for you my friend except one and that is sharing my chocolate…. Love you lots… Best wishes on National Chocolate Day.

9. Best friends are those who share their chocolates with each other….. Wishing you Happy National Chocolate Day.

Cute National Chocolate Day Wishes for Husband/Hubby

10. I promise to make each day sweet for you by buying you a chocolate every day…. Happy National Chocolate Day.

11. I know when you are upset with me, chocolate is the best way to fix it my love.

12. On National Chocolate Day, I want to remind you that this is the thing which connects us with love.

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National Chocolate Day Wishes Greetings for Wife

13. Smiles are precious and they can be bought with chocolates…. Happy National Chocolate Day to my wife.

14. I wish your life is filled with sweetness of chocolates forever and ever…. Best wishes on National Chocolate Day.

15. To me National Chocolate Day is all about buying lots of chocolates for my sweet and adorable wife.

National Chocolate Day Wishes Greetings for Him and Her

16. I wish I could fill your room with the best of the chocolates in the world…. Happy National Chocolate Day.

17. Chocolate marked the beginning of our relationship and it keeps adding more sweetness to it on daily basis.

18. You are the sweetest person I know, not because I love you but because you pamper me with chocolates.

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National Chocolate Day Wishes Messages for Sister

19. It was fun fighting with you over chocolates…. On National Chocolate Day, I am sending you my love and lots of chocolates.

20. On National Chocolate Day, I am remined of the beautiful times when we would do anything to earn a chocolate… the best days.

21. Let us make National Chocolate Day a memorable day by treating each other with lots of yummy chocolates.

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