20 Creative Malaria Slogans – Mosquito Slogans and Quotes

Malaria Slogans, Mosquito Slogans, Malaria Quotes

With mosquitoes spreading malaria, dengue etc., it is extremely important to spread awareness about keep ourselves safe from mosquitoes. Share with your family and friends these malaria slogans, mosquito slogans, dengue slogans to make them aware of their serious impact on health. Post these slogans on mosquito on social media or send them as messages to your dear ones, just to save your dear ones from them.

We bring to you the latest collection of some of the best quotes on malaria and mosquitoes, Malaria Day Messages. Have these slogans on Malaria in English and mosquito quotes shared on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram to make more and more people aware.

Best Mosquito and Malaria Awareness Slogans in English

Protect yourself and your loved ones each night.

Beware of the mosquito bite.

Tighten your belt against malaria, dengue.

A small mosquito can hamper your health.

Let us join hands to end malaria.

Each one of us need to be cautious to end malaria and dengue.

Get a bed net, a mosquito repellant to conquer malaria.

Small efforts can make a big difference…. End malaria.

You can defeat malaria with your actions.

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Fight against mosquitoes to fight against malaria.

Don’t let them breed and stay safe from malaria.

Don’t take malaria light, treat the mosquitoes right.

Don’t give mosquitoes a chance to bite.

Fight malaria and save lives.

End malaria for a healthier tomorrow,

Don’t keep guessing, go for a test.

Be cautious and proactive with mosquitoes.

One mosquito bite can put you in trouble.

Don’t take malaria and mosquitoes easy.

Don’t let mosquitoes breed in your surroundings to conquer malaria.

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