International Missing Children’s Day Messages, Quotes

International Missing Childrens Day Messages, Childrens Quotes

Every year May 25th is observed as International Missing Children’s Day. This day is all about remembering and honouring the missing children and celebrating the ones who have been recovered. Share the Missing Children’s Day quotes and Missing Children’s Day slogans with everyone around you in remembrance of the kids who have gone missing. World Missing Children’s Day messages remind us all the we have to join hands to bring back the missing kids.

Here is the wonderful collection of International Missing Children’s Day Messages and wishes. Have these missing children quotes and slogans shared on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram with your near and dear ones.

Best International Missing Children’s Day Messages, Quotes

“Child abduction is a crime and we all must join hands against it to save the kids across the globe. Warm wishes on Missing Children’s Day.”

“On the occasion of International Missing Children’s Day, let us pray for those children who have gone missing. May they connect with their families soon.”

“A very Happy Missing Children’s Day to all. They are in deep sorrows and struggle as they are away from home somewhere we don’t know. May we are able to find them.”

“The pain of child abduction can be understood best by the parents whose kid is gone missing. May they find back their child. Happy Missing Children’s Day.

“Let us celebrate the occasion of Missing Children’s Day as a way to express gratitude to those who have struggled to find the missing children.

“Those kids are lucky who are with their parents but those kids are luckier who went missing but are now with their parents. Happy International Missing Children’s Day.”

May each and every child who has ever gone missing is able to find his parents back. Wishing a very Happy Missing Children’s Day.

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“International Missing Children’s Day reminds us that there are many unfortunate kids waiting to be found. Let us join hands to find them.”

“For them, it is an everyday struggle. For their parents, it is a day of pain every day. On the occasion of International Missing Children’s Day, let us pray for them both.”

“There is nothing more generous then helping a missing child meet his family. Wishing a very Happy Missing Children’s Day.”

“Those who abduct children must severely be punished so that no one else can ever think of abducting a child again. Happy Missing Children’s Day.”

“The best and the most comfortable place for a child to live in is a home of his parents. On the occasion o Missing Children’s Day, may all missing children come back to this safe place.”

“The celebrations of Missing Children’s Day are incomplete without thanking all those heroes who have brought the missing kids back to their families.”

“It demands immense struggle and hard work to find the missing children and who make it possible are the real heroes. Warm wishes on International Missing Children’s Day.

“Each day starts with a hope and ends in distress for the parents whose child has gone missing. Warm greetings on Missing Children’s Day.”

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Missing children’s Day Slogans

When a child goes missing, he misses his parents more than anything else.

Connecting parents with their missing child is the most beautiful thing one can do.

It is only pain and distress for parents when their kids go missing.

Child abduction is the most horrifying thing to do and these criminals deserve just death.

Abducting a child from his parents will never ever have enough reasons to justify it.

A child feels the happiest and safest when he is with his parents.

Missing children always make every heart worry and may they are soon found.

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