Happy Men’s Day Jokes – Funny Messages, Status

Happy Men's Day Jokes, Funny Messages, Status

November 19th is observed as International Men’s Day. This day is all about men, praising him, appreciating them and making the world aware of their problems. Add an element of humour to this day with some fun Happy Men’s Day messages and Men’s Day funny images. Share with all the men around you Happy Men’s Day jokes and International Men’s Day funny quotes. Share the amazing Men’s Day messages for husband, colleagues, friends, boyfriend, father that make them smile.

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Happy Men’s Day Jokes

“When God created men, he promised women that there will be good men in every corner of Earth and then he made Earth round.”

“Men are like the rough draft created by God before making a final copy which call a Woman. Happy Men’s Day!!”

“For all the men who think that the right place for a woman is the kitchen, always remember that is where all the knives are kept.”

“Earlier it was believed that marrying an older man was the wise thing to do as they mature late but as per the new theory men don’t mature at all.”

“When a man has did something wrong and he is smiling then it is certain that he has thought of something to blame it on. Happy Men’s Day.”

“An ideal man is someone who goes home on time, doesn’t flirt, doesn’t drink, doesn’t hurt anyone and in fact, he doesn’t even exist.”

Happy International Men’s Day Funny Messages

“Warm wishes on International Men’s Day to all the men who are not even paying any heed to become better in anything they do because they are happy the way they are.”

“The most inspiring thing about men is that they never get jealous and that they make friends so easy. To all the easygoing men, wishing you all a very Happy International Men’s Day.”

“It is kind of strange that women often call men either pigs or dogs because pigs are cute and dogs are loyal. A very Happy International Men’s Day to all the men out there.”

“Husbands are the men who are always blamed for anything wrong that happens on the planet. Happy International Men’s Day to all those wonderful men.”

On an average, a man would be more interested in a woman who is interested in him than a woman who is seriously gorgeous. Cheers to all the men. Happy International Men’s Day.”

Happy Men’s Day Funny Status

“You can actually disarm a man just by giving him a nice compliment. Wishing all the men a very Happy International Men’s Day.”

“Only very few women care how a man looks like because there are many other important things to look into. Happy International Men’s Day.”

“All men are alike and all men are simple. It is the women who complicate them and their lives. To all the men, warm wishes on International Men’s Day.”

“Men are very easy to get but certainly very difficult to keep. Wishing all the men, a very Happy Men’s Day.”

“An ideal is one who is courageous enough to accept his mistake, intelligent enough to gain from it and strong enough to correct it. Happy Men’s Day.”

International Mens Day Wishes 2022

Warm wishes on International Men’s Day to all the men out there who make this life special for us in so many ways.

We may not thank you for all the efforts you put in to grace our lives but we truly appreciate everything you do. Happy International Men’s Day.

The occasion of International Men’s Day reminds us of all the goodness and happiness men bring into our lives. We are thankful to them.

The face so many challenges every day but they take them all by themselves to keep us safe and protected. Thanking these amazing men on International Men’s Day.

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