Love Break up Messages to Wife

Love Break up Messages to Wife

The love break up messages for the wife lets her know about the ending of the love feelings shared between the husband and the wife. The break up messages of love is sent through text messages and shows conveys end of the love feelings they shared.

Love break up messages is sent by husband to wife. Read the sample text messages given below that can be sent to your wife.

1). Dear Wife, we have spent such beautiful times in our life. But now the fights and arguments have made it difficult for this relationship to survive. I will never forget the love we shared and with much grief I want to let you know that I am ending this relationship.

2). The love that existed between us has ended and so I believe we should end the relationship as well. I will never forget you because you have taught me to love. It’s my personal decision to end our relationship and I hope you will accept the same.

3). With our love we entered in this relationship as husband and wife. And now, situations have made us to arrive at this decision of breaking apart. It is as difficult for you as it is for me and I will never forget you my wife.

4). Breaking up with you will hurt me more than you my dear wife. Every moment we spent together will always be there in my heart. It is time to end our relationship and make a new beginning.

5). I never wanted to break up with you. But too much possessiveness has made our love lost. We no longer share the same love which we had. So its time to make a fresh start without much sadness.

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