Lost Love Away Messages

Lost Love Away Messages

When anyone breaks the relation of love, it is really heart breaking thing. The pain, they felt after parting away from their loved one is very deep. A lost love away message is all about expressing your love and feelings that you are going through. The message tells about your emotion and each word brings out your true feeling of heart. Expressing your wish and desire through the message and let your loved one know about you.

A heart touching collection of lost love away message is presented below:

1). The person, you keep him in your heart, only he knows where to hurt to give you pain. The relation of love is the same thing, only the love of your life know how to make you smile and how to give you pain.

2). The most painful thing in a life is when you know the people, you cannot leave without, they can leave without you; so it is better to make your own way and live the way you want. Love yourself the most in the world.

3). The tragedy of life has many colors, some feel pain in waiting to get their love, some feel pain to forget their love; and some feel pain in choosing either to wait or to forget. Life is a mystery and hurting in love is very common.

4). Breaking up a relation is far easier than wiping out the memories of your love; the memories always remind you of your love, which cannot be yours anymore. Going away from each other is simple, but going away from those moments is heart breaking.

5). It is not my bad luck as I lost someone who never loves me, but she lost someone who loves her more than anything else in the world.

6). Your heart breaks when you know, whom you think everything of your life, he doesn’t feel the same for you. So, don’t allow anyone in your heart so easily, as they don’t know the value of the place.

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