Long Sorry Messages for Girlfriend

Long sorry messages for girlfriend

The long sorry messages include long length messages written which are sent to the girlfriend for asking for forgiveness. The wishes are long as they are written with added notes along with the sorry seeking words describing the feelings. The sweet and romantic messages should make her feel the true essence of the sorry seeking.

Following are good examples of long sorry messages for the girlfriend to choose and send:

1). Dear girlfriend, I am extremely sorry that I have made you wait yesterday. It was a mistake on my part and I would make it up to you with a special gift and a loving candlelight dinner especially for us.

2). For sweet girlfriend, I am sorry that I have hurt you yesterday. I hope you will forgive me and grant my apology with all your love and be together again to celebrate our anniversary.

3). To cute girlfriend, loving sorry wishes sent through text. I am ashamed that I aid those harsh words which were not supposed to be and I hope you will forgive me and give me a chance to rectify it.

4). This text carries sorry wishes for my caring girlfriend. Your love has been my guiding support all these years and it was wrong on my part to have hurt you like that.

5). Through this text, I seek forgiveness for the wrongdoing my girlfriend. I hope you will forgive me soon with your loving heart and be together with me again to create magical moments.

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