Life Messages for Friends

Life Messages for Friends

Friends are an important part and parcel of one’s life. To encourage a friend, life messages are sent to him or her for motivating them about the changing circumstances of life. The life wishes can be sent to the loving friend through text messages. One can also send good gifts along with the messages to make the friend happier. Some of the excellent funny samples of life messages for friends are given below:

1). Dear friend, this life wish for encouraging you to take in both the happy and sad moments as both are a part of life. I send this beautiful wish with all my love.

2). For a sweet friend, sending you this life wish with love. Life is a journey of love, happiness and sad moments mingled to give the person an amazing ride throughout.

3). To cute friend, enjoy life to the fullest in this limited journey period. You will not get any chance further to bring back what is gone so enjoy today to the fullest.

4). To loving friend, with beautiful gifts I send this best inspirational life wish. Life is what you make it of your effort, you think positive then you get good and you think bad it will show the evil more.

5). For my beautiful friend, I send this nice life wish to motivate you to take on all hurdles with strong will and you will always win them over. I also send beautiful gifts for you.

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