International Widows Day Messages, Quotes and Greetings

International Widows Day Messages, Quotes, Greetings

Inspiring International Widows Day quotes and wishes to help you wish the widows who are struggling through their lives because June 23rd is observed every year as International Widows Day. This day is celebrated with an intention to highlight the challenges widows face and offering them help to get over those problems. Happy International Widows Day sayings, quotes, messages, status for Facebook, WhatsApp etc. are right here to make them feel stronger. Have the motivational greetings and International Widows Day theme shared with them on this day.

Here are the newest International Widows Day messages and wishes to share on Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram.

International Widows Day Messages

“Warm wishes on International Widows Day to you. You are not alone because we are always there to help you whenever you need us.”

When you are left alone in the journey of life, you must not feel that there is no one with you because I will always be there. Happy International Widows Day.”

“You have always handled the toughest of the situations so well and now life wants you to show that you are brave once again. Wishing a very Happy International Widows Day.

“The smile on your face has always imparted others with strength. You are truly an inspirational woman. Wishing you Happy International Widows Day.”

“On the occasion of International Widows Day, I just want to tell you that you are a strong woman and you have someone whom you can always depend.”

“Life has not been fair to you but your attitude towards life has always inspired me. Happy International Widows Day to you.”

You are the kind of person who doesn’t cry because you are weak. You are the kind who would cry when you are tired for being strong for too long. Happy International Widows Day.

“If there is any person who inspires me the most then it is you because you have faced all the challenges in life with courage. Happy International Widows Day.”

“Life moves on and so have you. You have never broken down in the most difficult situations and that’s what makes you so special. A very Happy International Widows Day to you.”

“Being a woman was never easy and being a widow is even more challenging but you have so strong that you motivate us all. Warm wishes on International Widows Day.”

International Widows Day Quotes and Greetings

“On the occasion of International Widows Day, I want to extend my warm wishes to the woman who has never learnt to give up in life. You rock!!!”

“Life is all about embracing all the opportunities and challenges and keeping moving with a smile. A very Happy International Widows Day to a woman who follows this rule to live”.

“After the demise of your husband, you never surrendered to any situation, to any person and I salute you for that. Happy International Widows Day.”

“Wishing a very Happy International Widows Day to you. You are the woman who has given her children the best of everything even when you were all alone.”

When you lose your husband, you can either get into the zone of depression or you can fight and survive the circumstances. To the winner in you, wishing you Happy International Widows Day.

“There are many widows out there to whom you can inspire because you are a woman who has always fought and conquered. Happy International Widows Day.”

“The occasion of International Widows Day reminds me that there is a special woman around me who is an epitome of great strength.”

“God gives his blessings to those who go out there and fight out all the odds and you are one such person. Happy International Widows Day to you.”

“To all the challenges that have come by your way, you have accepted them and conquered them with your zeal and courage. Happy International Widows Day my dear.”

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