International Rabbit Day Messages, Rabbit Slogans and Quotes

International Rabbit Day Messages, Rabbit Slogans, Quotes

Every year the fourth Saturday or Sunday in the month of September is observed as International Rabbit Day. This day aims to bring our attention to the medical testing that is harming these mammals. Share on this day Rabbit slogans and taglines, cute bunny slogans and beautiful International Rabbit Day messages to save the adorable rabbits. Have these Happy Bunny quotes and sayings shared with your family and friends.

We bring the amazing collection of International Rabbit Day messages, Rabbit Status and Rabbit Captions for Instagram. Share these Happy Bunny quotes and sayings which also make powerful Rabbit Status for WhatsApp and also Rabbit Status for Facebook.

International Rabbit Day Messages

“On the occasion of International Rabbit Day, let us join hands to save rabbits from harmful tests that are conducted on them.”

“Rabbits have always been the cutest and most adorable mammals and International Rabbit Day reminds us that it is our responsibility to save them.”

“Wishing a very Happy International Rabbit Day….. Let us work together to nurture rabbits with love and care and not chemicals and tests.”

“Let us make it a memorable International Rabbit Day by saving rabbits from all the atrocities that are conducted against them…. Warm wishes on this special day.”

“International Rabbit Day is a sweet reminder that these cute mammals need our attention and care…. Wishing a warm and wonderful day!!!”

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Rabbit Sayings and Rabbit Quotes

“Rabbits only deserve love and care….. They deserve all the pampering and attention.”

“Rabbits are the cute creatures created by God to remind us that love is what we all need.”

“White furs and cute paws, pink nose and adorable ears… they all make rabbits so full of love.”

“The most beautiful way to take care of rabbits is by taking care of them, loving them!!!”

Catchy Rabbit Slogans and Taglines

“Always be kind to rabbits because they are fighting a very tough battle in life.”

“The fact that rabbits exist in our lives is a sweet proof that everything is going to be just fine.”

“It is quite amazing to see that how much joy and happiness rabbits bring into our lives.”

“Bunnies are the cutest things that have happened to humans and we must take care of them.”

“Shower them with love and affection because they deserve it all…. Bunnies are the best.”

“Without rabbits, the nature would be so incomplete and different and with them so much more beautiful.”

“Life is surely a happier one with rabbits around us, so keep it all happy and nice by taking care of rabbits.”

“Rabbits are so full of love and affection and that is all they deserve in life.”

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Rabbit Captions for Instagram

“Rabbits have the power to fill our hearts with love.”

“Rabbits teach us the good way to live life.”

“With rabbits around, everything is so peaceful and happy.”

Rabbit Status on facebook and Whatsapp

“Warm wishes on International Rabbit Day…. Save rabbits for they deserved to be loved and taken care.”

“May rabbits are always there to bring happiness in our lives…. Warm wishes on International Rabbit Day.”

“The celebrations of International Rabbit Day are incomplete without love, peace and happiness because that is what rabbits are all about.”

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