International Day of Forests Messages and Forests Quotes

Forests are extremely important for us and that’s why March 21st is observed as International Day of Forests to create more and more awareness about importance of forests. Various events are organized in order to make people aware of saving forests. Celebrate this day with forests quotes and World Forest Day slogans. Make your family and friends aware of this day and its significant with World Forest Day messages and wishes.

We bring to you some of the most inspiring International Day of Forests messages, world forest day messages, wishes, world forest day slogans and greetings. Share with everyone the newest International Day of Forests status on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram.

International Day of Forests Messages and Quotes 2023

“Warm wishes on International Day of Forests to you. They are the home to around 80% of the terrestrial biodiversity of the world.”

“Let us join hands to save forests because without them, this planet would be a dead one. Happy International Day of Forests.”

“International Day of Forests reminds each of us that we all are connected to forests, even when we may not realize it. Let us save them. Happy International Day of Forests.”

“Wishing a very Happy International Day of Forests to everyone. Forests are an integral part of our lives and we must do all that we can to save them.”

“Forests help us cope up with the climatic changes that are taking place around us. Let us protect them to save our planet. Happy International Day of Forests.”

“Warm greetings on International Day of Forests. The greens are what we need to have a healthy and happy life.”

“Forests are the reason that there is balance in our eco-system. Let us join hands to protect them from all threats. Happy International Day of Forests.”

“Sending warm wishes on International Day of Forests to everyone. We may not realize this but all our roots go down to the forests and therefore, we must save them.”

World Forestry Day Messages, Quotes and Sayings

Forests are much important for us than we know and therefore, we must all save them. Wishing a very Happy World Forestry Day.

The occasion of World Forestry Day is a reminder to each one of us that we have cut enough forests and now we need to plant more forests. Happy World Forestry Day.

Warm greetings on World Forestry Day to everyone. Without forests, this world would be a barren and lifeless place to live. Let us save them before anything else.

World Forest Day Slogans

Save the forests to save the bio-diversity and the future of Earth.

Stop deforestation and work on conserving forests to save many lives.

Forests need our support and we must extend it without any second thoughts.

Saving the forests is saving the planet from climatic changes.

Forests need to be protected and we must not take it easy.

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