Inspirational Messages for Wedding

Inspirational Wedding Messages

Inspirational wishes for the weddings are sent to the people who are against the institution of marriage and do not believe in it. The inspirational wishes motivate the people to believe in the institution of marriage and also look forward to getting married. In addition to that, one can also send inspirational wishes to the couple getting married to motivate them to lead a happy married life. The inspirational wishes for weddings can be sent through text messages to the couple looking forward to getting married. One can also send inspirational cards or inspirational video clip sermons for the people not believing in marriage. Some of the samples of inspirational message for weddings sent in different ways are given below:

Inspirational Messages for Wedding Anniversary

Inspirational wishes for the wedding anniversary are sent to motivate the married couple to lead their anniversary well and also lead their happy married life for more years to come. The inspirational greetings for the wedding anniversary can be sent through cards along with the inspirational wishes and also anniversary wishes.

“On your anniversary I wish you a happy anniversary and send good wishes for you both. You both are a cheerful lovely couple and I wish you good luck as you complete the first year of your married life and look forward to more years of your blissful nuptial life.”

Inspirational Messages for Wedding Invitations

The inspirational wishes on wedding invitations include inspirational quotes and sayings or readings which are included in the wedding invitation cards and sent to the guests and invitees. The inspirational wishes for wedding invitations can also be sent through video clips with the wedding invitations and the inspirational wishes recorded in a DVD and sent.

“A wedding is a union of two people in deep love, with eye to eye contact and exchanging vows of love and commitment. I invite you all to this special day of vowing for lifelong commitment as I get married to Rohit on 5th may from 6 pm onwards. Your presence is highly awaited on the occasion.”

Inspirational Wedding Messages to the Couple

The inspirational wishes for the couple are sent to the couple to encourage them to have a happy married life forever. The inspirational wishes make the couple believe in love and marriage and also encourage them to make their wedding more special and committed forever.

“For the lovely couple I know, I send this card with good wishes for you both as you take the leap of the beginning of a nuptial life together. Marriage is a blissful commitment of two people in love and I know you both will make it much happier and lovable with true love and commitment.”

Sample Miscellaneous inspirational messages for weddings:

“A wedding is a beautiful commitment of two people in deep love and care for each other always. I send this beautiful card with good wishes for the lovely couple for their new begging of nuptial life and also hope their commitment will be much strong and binding and you two will always be there for each other.”

“A wedding is true loyalty vows for two people in love and care for each other. I invite you and your family on the special day as I take my wedding vows with Gary on 6th May at the Royal Plaza from 11 am onwards. I would eagerly await your presence on the occasion.”

“Through this card I send good wishes for your wedding anniversary. Like the vows of forever commitment you took a year back, your nuptial life be as strong and beautiful as the true vows and you both be happy always.”

“Marriage is the lovely loyalty and commitment of two people in true love. I invite you all to my wedding ceremony to be held from 6 pm at the Royal Greens. Your gracious presence in the occasion will be awaited eagerly. “

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