Inspirational Messages for Retirement

Retirement Inspirational Messages

Retirement is a period which brings in both happy moments and sad moments in one’s life. The day of retirement brings in mixed feelings for the person at the same time. The happiness feeling comes from the acknowledgement, recognition and praise one gets after years of continuous toil and effort he or she puts in the work. The feeling of sadness one gets is from the relaxation that one would not be coming to office tomorrow like before and would not meet his or her colleagues like earlier. The inspirational wishes for retirement can be sent through text messages or through beautiful cards with gifts for the person who is retiring. One can also send inspirational wishes through video clips for the person. Some of the samples of inspirational messages for retirement examples sent in different ways are given below:

Inspirational Messages for Retirement Teachers

Retirement teachers are the ones who retire from the field of educational work and will be at home from the next day of retirement. The retirement day for teachers is a good day with farewell organized by the fellow teachers and students as a mark of respect.

“For my lovely retirement teacher who has been always a great mentor and a superb guiding star, as you retire I send you all my love and beautiful gifts for you. I pray for happiness and wonderful moments of your life for today and always in future.”

Inspirational Messages for Retirement Nurses

Retirement nurses are the ones who retire from the field of nursing and hospitalization. The nurses work in shift duties regularly without fail taking care of the patients who arrive at the hospitals and clinics every day. The retirement day of the nurses is marked by farewell organized by the fellow nurses and doctors for the nurse who is retiring.

“For the beautiful retirement nurse, I send you gifts, support and all my love for you. You have been a great colleague at work and with your care patients have always been healed well. I wish you all the luck for your bright future.”

Inspirational Messages for Employee Retirement

Employee retirement is employees retiring from different private and government offices and organizations. The employee retirement day is marked by farewell parties and gifts organized by the colleagues of the employee. The inspirational motivational wishes can be sent through text messages or beautiful cards for the employee.

“For the superb employee and colleague of mine, I send beautiful gifts and love for you as your retire from work. You have been a man of compassion and dedicated work and have been one of the gems of our organization. I wish you all the luck for your future.”

Sample Miscellaneous inspirational message for retirement:

“For the lovely nurse at work who is retiring, you have been a dedicated and a caring nurse and your work has always been of great praiseworthy. I send you all my love and support for you as you retire and wish you a bright future ahead.”

“For the employee and a great colleague retiring from work, I send all the good wishes for your better future. You have been a good worker and a compassionate human being and it has always been good working with you. “

“For the lovely teacher and superb mentor, on your retirement day I send my love and good wishes for you always. You have been a great guiding star and have helped me immensely as always to choose the right career path. “

“For the dedicated nurse, your work and your best caring nature has healed many a people rather than the medicines. I wish you all the luck for your future.”

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