In-law Birthday Wishes

In-law Birthday Wishes

“In-law” as we all know is a relation that comes to everyone’s life by law and not by choice. Though we don’t get the chance to pick our in-laws but definitely we do have the chance to pick the best birthday wishes messages for them. Yes, you got it right, I say the “best birthday wishes message”. You might not like them but you will have to mix both sweet and sour in-laws and stick to the safe way of sending a typical happy birthday wish. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while sending birthday messages to in-laws: focus on the positive qualities, keep your ego aside, basic courtesy, and think them to be your family and special people in your life. These things can bring a remarkable difference in your relation. So, here we have come up with few examples of birthday wish messages for your in-laws.

Mother In-law Birthday Wishes

When it’s your mother in-laws birthday, you cannot miss the chance of sending her a sweet and happy message on her birthday and make her feel special. Express your gratitude and respect to her through your birthday wishes. Your text message should have true emotions which will definitely strengthen your relation with your mother in-law.

“You have made it easy for me to treat you as my real mother. This text message is for the gorgeous sweet lady who has been a second mother to me. Today on your special day I send you warm birthday wishes and thank you so much for your guidance always. You are an example of a perfect mother in-law. Happy Birthday.”

Brother In-law Birthday Wishes

Celebrate your brother in-laws birthday in a special way and make him feel wonderful. Though he is your sister’s husband, wife’s brother or husband’s brother; you can always create that amazing bond and treat him more like your real brother. A happy and funny message on his birthday can work wonders to create a lifelong tie and a relation that will lasts for generations. Express your love and respect for him through beautiful text messages on his birthday.

“Only a few lucky ones get a brother in-law like you. Through this text message I declare today on your birthday with gigantic best wishes that you have a perfect combination of a loving and funny nature. Thank You for being a part of our family. Special Happy Birthday Wishes to you.”

Daughter In-law Birthday Wishes

Birthdays of daughter in-laws are an opportunity to express your love to them and let her know how much you appreciate her presence in your family. Let her feel special on her day by sending her sweet text messages, beautiful best wishes quote on a greetings card or share a funny post on her Face book. These are few examples of how you can make her day happier and wonderful. A simple and happy wish on her birthday will strengthen bonds in your family that lasts for a lifetime.

“God surprised us with a wonderful gift and he gave you as our daughter in-law. I have always handpicked things for my son but by choosing you he has gone beyond all records. This message comes to you with all my blessings. Stay happy always. Best birthday wishes to you my sweet daughter in-law.”

Father In-law Birthday Wishes

Make your father in-law feel lucky and happy for having a loving daughter in-law like you. Write him a special message on his birthday that touches his heart. Cheer him with a family party and let him know his importance. You can also share a beautiful best wishes quote for him or a funny memory which he shared with his grandchildren. You can follow these examples to make your family bonding stronger.

“Your wrinkles are perfect example of wisdom and knowledge which you share with us. The grey hair show to what depth you have experienced things in life. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with your grandchildren, no curriculum can teach them that. Today on your special day I send you the best birthday wishes. You have another decade of happy days to come.”

Son In-law Birthday Wishes

Your son in-law made way to your family and you have accepted it. Then why not send his a genuine and sweet message on his birthday. You can also share a funny message if your son in-law has a great sense of humor. It’s a great time to give your relation that boost. A text message on his birthday full of love might do wonders. These are few great examples of celebrating your son in-laws birthday and make it special for him.

“This text message on your birthday is been sent with the best wishes and a tribute to the maximum joy you have brought into our lives. You are the greatest addition to our family. Wishing you many happy days with lots of fun. Happy Birthday.”

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