Holiday Messages for Family Members

Family Members Holiday Messages

The holiday wishes for the family members can be sent through cards and text messages sent to all together or cards and text messages sent to each differently. The wishes would make the family members feel good and would show them the care and the love the sender has for them.

List of samples of holiday messages for family members to send through texts:

1). To my family members, wishing you all a happy holiday. I hope you are enjoying the tour and I would be soon joining you in the destination.

2). For my concerned family members, sending you happy holiday wishes through this text. Do bring me the memories of the tour by capturing in clicks so I could see the fun.

3). To my sweet family members, wishing you all happy holiday. I wish you all have lots of fun on this holiday tour and bring mementos from the spots.

4). This text carries holiday wishes to all my family members from me. I send you free tickets to the grand concert in the destination to make your tour more memorable.

5). My dear family members, happy holiday wishes for you all. Enjoy the tour with all good moments to treasure forever in beautiful clicks.

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