Holiday Message for Boss on Farewell

Holiday messages for boss on farewell

The holiday wishes for the boss are sent during his or her farewell for the holidays. The wishes are also sent when the boss takes farewell from the office for holidays in due retirement. The wishes can be sent through cards or mails for the boss to make the boss feel good.

Following are samples of holiday messages for boss on farewell to make him feel special:

1). Dear boss, I wish you a happy and funny holiday and a good farewell as you bid goodbye to the organization. I hope you enjoy the best last term of holiday well with good moments.

2). Wishing you a good holiday during your farewell, dearest boss. Enjoy the holiday package from the office during your farewell beautifully.

3). On your farewell, dear boss I wish you happy holiday on your last term. I hope you enjoy the tour with the best of moments to cherish forever.

4). For concerned office boss, happy holiday wishes on your farewell. Let this holiday be your best one and do visit all the best tourist spots in the destination.

5). To my boss, on your farewell I send happy holiday greetings to make your tour more beautiful. Do bring back mementos of the place for me and enjoy a lot.

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