Heart Touching Sorry Messages for Girlfriend

girlfriend Heart touching sorry messages

The heart touching sorry messages includes heart touching words of choice which seek emotions her by making her feel emotional. The sweet wishes can be sent through best text messages which depict the forgiveness seeking.

Following are beautiful samples of heart touching funny sorry messages for the girlfriend to send with love:

1). Dear girlfriend, I hope with your loving heart and caring nature you would forgive me for the mistake I did yesterday. I send this sorry wish especially for you.

2). For my girlfriend, your presence in my life has made it more beautiful and gorgeous and I hope to continue it forever. I hope you forgive me with your heart soon.

3). This text carries sorry wish for my girlfriend with gifts to please you. I hope you love and treasure those love tokens I send you with all my love and affection for you and forgive me.

4). Dear girlfriend, loving sorry wishes especially for you. With my love for you, I would soon rectify the mistake and spend the lovely moments of togetherness with you again.

5). To cute girlfriend, sorry wishes for you through this text. I hope you continue to love and make my life superb one as always and forgive me soon.

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