Happy Holiday Messages to Employees

Holiday Messages to Employees

Happy holiday wishes to the employees are send for wishing them a good holiday season during the holidays. The offices and organizations give holiday periods to the employees and leaves to go holidaying with their friends and family as a part of recreational period. During this period, when the employees go for the holidays sending happy holiday wishes to them makes them feel good as well as show the well being and care of the employer towards his or her employees. The happy holiday wishes can be sent through holiday cards or text messages to the employees. One can also send them through mails or happy holiday wishes video clips on a DVD sent to the employees. Following are some of the happy holiday wishes to employees’ examples sent in different ways:

Holiday Messages to Employees the Boss

Best holiday wishes to the employees from the boss are sent from the head of the office to his employees working in the organization. The funny and sweet holiday wishes from the boss can be sent through official mails or cards sent to all the employees before they go on a holiday.

“This beautiful card brings happy holiday wishes to the employees of Symantec from your boss on your holidaying season. I wish you have lots of fun filled moments and adventure during the holiday recreational season. Have a happy holiday.”

Holiday Messages to Employees from CEO

The holiday wishes from the CEO to the employees are sent to wish them when they leave for their holiday period. The CEO is the executive head of an organization and the holiday wishes sent from the CEO would make the employees fell special and good. The CEO can send the wishes through mails or text messages to all.

“This is from the CEO wishing all the employees of Gill Enterprises a happy holiday season. I hope you will have a good time holidaying with friends and family. Have a superb holidaying days filled with fun.”

Corporate Holiday Messages to Employees

The corporate holiday wishes to the employees are sent to the employees working in corporate firms and organizations. The corporate employees get a holiday period to refresh from the hard stressful long working hours. The bosses of the organization sends holiday wishes to the corporate employees through mails and cards sent to all.

‘To the employees of Tune Corporation, I wish all of you a happy holiday season filled with fun and enjoyment. I wish you will enjoy the best of holidays during this period and refresh yourselves and your mind in a fun filled adventure trip. Have a happy holiday.”

Business Holiday Messages to Employees

Business holiday wishes are sent to the employees working in business sector. The business employees may not be from the same organization but can be related by some business issues. The holiday wishes for the business employees are sent through cards, mails and text messages sent to all. One can also send the holiday wishes through video clips to all the employees on a DVD.

“To my business employees, I send holiday wishes for a happy holiday season. May you have lots of fun filled moments and adventures during the best holiday period. Have a happy holiday.”

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