Inspirational Guru Nanak Blessings Quotes, Wishes in English

Guru Nanak Blessings Quotes, Guru Nanak Wishes

Make it an inspiring Guru Nanak Jayanti for your family and friends by sharing Guru Nanak Jayanti wishes with everyone. Celebrate this day with the beautiful Guru Nanak Jayanti blessings and Guru Nanak blessing quotes that are loaded with affection and care. Make it a special occasion of all with Guru Nanak Jayanti messages to wish all.

We have come up with a collection of Guru Nanak Jayanti wishes, Guru Nanak Dev ji blessings and Waheguru Ji blessings Quotes in English. Share the lovely Guru Nanak blessing quotes with everyone around.

Motivational Guru Nanak Blessings Quotes

“Wishing a very Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti to everyone. On this occasion, let us promise that we are always going to walk the path Guru Nanak has shown us.”

“Life is directionless without a guru and when you find a guru, you find the reason for your existence. Warm wishes on Guru Nanak Jayanti.”

“Let us celebrate the occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti by following the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev ji and make this life a better one. Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti to all.”

“The occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti reminds us of the greatest gurus of all times and his teachings. Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti.”

“Today is the most special day as it celebrates the birthday of Guru Nanak Dev and we must celebrate it with high spirits and enthusiasm. Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti.”

“Let us celebrate the occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti by thanking Guru Nanak Dev ji for all his love and blessings he has showered us with. Warm wishes on Guru Nanak Jayanti to all.”

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Guru Nanak Dev ji Blessings

“Dwell in peace in the home of your own being, and the Messenger of Death will not be able to touch you.”

“Let God’s grace be the mosque, and devotion the prayer mat. Let the Quran be the good conduct”

“Even kings and emperors, with mountains of property and oceans of wealth – these are not even equal to an ant, who does not forget God.”

“Let no man in the world live in delusion. Without a Guru none can cross over to the other shore.”

“If the people use the wealth bestowed on them by God for themselves alone or for treasuring it, it is like a corpse. But if they decide to share it with others, it becomes sacred food.”

“Burn worldly love, rub the ashes and make ink of it, make the heart the pen, the intellect the writer, write that which has no end or limit.”

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