Good Night Take Care Messages for Friends

Good Night Take Care Messages for Friends

Good night take care messages for friends are sent through text messages for the friends. The texts include good night wishes and also encourages the friend to take care of him or herself. The wishes would make the receiver feel good.

Following are beautiful samples of good night take care messages to send to friends through texts with love:

1). Dear friend, as the night falls and you get ready for a beautiful sleep I wish you good night with love. I also hope you take care of yourself and be in good health always.

2). This text carries sweet good night wishes for my dear friend. As you are recovering, I wish you take care of yourself and keep on the medicines in proper time to a speedy recovery.

3). To my lovely friend, wishing you good night through this text and expecting you are taking good care of yourself ad family. I also send beautiful gifts for all of you.

4). Sending hearty good night wishes for my friend through this text. Take care of yourself and prevent from the illness spreading around to be healthy always.

5). Dear friend, take care of yourself and your sister who is recovering from illness. Wishing you both good night and beautiful dreams of love and happiness.

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