Good Evening Messages for Friends

Good Evening Messages for Friends

Good evening message brings best wishes and happiness for the friends. Friends are the loving part of the life and we can share everything with them. They make the life entertaining and fun loving, so sending a good evening message for friends brings a sweet smile on your friend’s face and bring back all those beautiful memories again. The message presents your feeling to your friend and it beautifully expresses your emotion. You can send a good evening message for friends with a card or gift and here we present a beautiful collection of good evening message samples for friends; you can go through the samples for the ideas.

Funny Good Evening Messages for Friends

Bring a beautiful smile to your friend’s face by sending a funny good evening message to your friend. The words of the message bring back those beautiful memories in a fun way and it makes the mod fun loving. A text message brings your emotion out.

“Without you, life would be boring, no game and no fun; evening time gossip, coffee break, funny chit-chat, there would be nothing. Thank God! You are with me to make my past wonderful, my present beautiful and my future nice. Good evening”

Good Evening Messages for Angry Friend

Love and fight are a part of the friendship and if your friend is angry, then you can send a beautiful good evening message to melt his anger. The text of the message adds a charm to your feeling and it presents your though beautifully to your friend.

“You may be red with anger, but I know I made a mistake; don’t stretch it longer, because I am not well, I need you always and forever, let’s forget and be friends again. I miss you and good evening.”

Good Evening Messages for Special Friends

You can send a beautiful good evening message to your special friend to wish him/her a very good evening. The words of the message express your emotion in a beautiful way. A text message can bring the emotion of love.

“My feeling for you is true from my heart and no distance can make us separate; you are my best friend and you will be my friend forever; with you, life is a dream that comes true. Good evening.”

Miscellaneous samples of good evening message for friends:

“I met someone who became very special to me; she comes with smiles and funs and pours it in my life; that someone is you and it is true, I am far away from you, but you will always stay in my heart. Good evening.”

“The story that I tell, stays forever in my heart, it is the story of our friendship of our loving past. You scold me, you love me, you give me your joy and I am lucky to have you as my friend in my life. Good evening.”

“Do you know what makes us the best friends? Every time I see you, I think you are the one just like me. Our relation is made with loving, caring and sharing, and no one can make us apart from the heart. Take care and good evening.”

“True friend is someone who always praises you in your success, who scolds you in your mistake, but takes your side always. You are my true friend and I love you. Good evening.”

“Friend shares your smile and cry, your good and bad, but gives only love and nothing else. You make my life wonderful and I want to be your friend forever.”

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