Good Evening Messages for Angry Friend

Good Evening Messages for Angry Friend

Arguments and fights are the part of friendship and it brings the friends even more closer. If your friend is angry at you, then sending a sweet and loving message would be the best idea to make him/her clam and to sort up everything in between you. If you want to confess something, you can do it through the message.  The words of the text present your emotion to your friends and it melts your friend’s anger in a very sweet way. Send a good evening message to your angry friends and make him/her mood delight again.

Here a nice presentation of good evening message samples for angry friend is listed below:

“I know you are angry, but my heart says sorry to you; the things are done by mistake, but don’t stretch it so long; you are not happy and so am I. Let the fights end and once again, become friends forever. Good evening.”

“Life is beautiful as long as you are with me; arguments are there, but don’t let the distance come in between and makes us apart; red color does not suit you; instead were the color of friendship again. Good evening.”

“It is not my fault, neither yours; it is the situation that we misunderstand; staying away does not make any good for us; rather we start living in pain and sorrow; forget everything. Good evening.”

“Put all wrong things aside and live the life as it was. Without you, no smile in gain, no relief in pain and the life seems boring and nothing else. I want you to be with me always and forever. Good evening.”

“We argued a lot, but we agreed too; I know you are in red, but believe me I didn’t want to hurt you; it is our relationship with joy and tear; so be with me together and forever. I am sorry and good evening. Good evening.”

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