Going Away Messages for Girlfriend

Going Away Messages for Girlfriend

Love is such a relationship that brings smile in the life of the people; love brings the sense of togetherness in a couple. Sharing and caring with each other make the bonding of love stronger, but when time comes to staying apart from your love, it is really heart breaking. If your girlfriend is going away from you, then send a loving note of going away message to your girlfriend and explain your love to her. A message can make her feel special to you.

A list of loving collection of going away message samples for girlfriend is given below:

1). You are the reason of my smile and as you are going away, you take my smile along. I count the days to meet you again and until then, the pain covers up my life completely. Without you I am nothing and you have to come back to make me perfect again.

2). It is true you are going away from me, but the memories we made together you left to me. The moments always remind me of those past days we share each other. No words are enough to express my feeling, but I want to say I love you always and forever.

3). Giving you hugs heals my wounds, hold you closer to me drives away my sorrow, takes you in my arms pours my heart with love. Today you are not around to make me happy, but you always stay in my heart to make my life beautiful.

4). Sharing my tear with you gives me a happy feeling of love, sharing my joy with you multiplies my smiles, but you are going miles away from me today, but my love for you remains the same always. I am waiting for you.

5). No matter how far we are from each other, I can see you even in my close eyes. It is true the surrounding is dark, but my vision is clear as it is you. I feel you in my heart, but I cannot touch you. Love you and bye.

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