Going Away Messages for Friends

Going Away Messages for Friends

Friendship is a beautiful relationship in the world and without friends, we cannot imagine a life. But, in our life, the time makes us apart from our friends due to the professional or personal reason. A going away message is all about exploring your thoughts through words so that you can tell your friends that how much you are going to miss him. The message brings back all those loving days you spend together and it is also a way to promise your friends that you never let him/her go from the heart.

A sweet and nice collection of going away message samples for friends is given below:

1). Sharing my smile and pain with you makes me feel someone is there to help me always, someone is there to drain out my worries. No matter wherever you go, the bonding of friendship cannot be broken by distance.

2). Though our path of life apart, but I know when a smile comes and tears rolling down my eyes, you are with me. Our friendship rooted from our heart and it will always be the same as it is now. I miss you a lot and all the best.

3). It is true you are going away from me, but promise you never let me go from your heart. The friendship we share is made with our smile and tear and all those loving days of past. I know I will meet you again.

4). The memories of sharing Tiffin, giving the proxy at college, bunking school day crowd in my mind as I say goodbye to you. I give a special place in my heart and there is no one who can replace you. Wish you all the best for your journey.

5). It is the bonding of friendship, it is the bonding of love that nothing can ever touch and no one can harm. It is true, I am away from you, but the friendship remains the same forever. I wish you achieve everything what you dream of. Bye and take care.

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