Unique Slogans on Save Girl Child – Best Girl Child Day Slogans

Save Girl Child Slogans - International Girl Child Day slogans

October 11th is observed as International Girl Child Day every year with an intention to highlight the needs of girl child and to promote her for a safer and happier life. This occasion is incomplete without girl slogans to share with family, friends. Celebrate this day with posters on save girl child with slogans in English or save girl child slogans. Wish everyone with International Girl Child Day slogans to share.

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Here are some of the most impactful International Girl Child Day slogans. Share these slogans on save girl child in Hindi and English to create more awareness about problems of girl child.

Powerful Slogans on Save Girl Child in English

Without her, there is no tomorrow…. Save Girl Child!!!!

Girls are the most beautiful blessings from God.

Girls are precious and we must save them.

Girls are like flowers which fill our hearts with happiness.

Without girl child, this world will be lifeless.

Girl child brings life to each and every day of our life.

She is the reason for all our smiles….Save Girl Child.

No girl child means no mothers and no mothers means no future.

Stop violence against girl child… Save Her!!!

She needs us and our support…. Let us save girl child.

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Unique Slogans on Save Girl Child in Hindi

Uske bina yeh sansar adhura hai.

Ek ladki hi ek ghar ko purn banati hai.

Agar wo nahi, toh ghar mein khushi aur samridhi nahi.

Beti ko bachana hum sab ki zimmedari hai.

Har ladki humari beti hai, use bachao!!!

Ghar ki ladki khush hai toh yeh sansar khush hai.

Uske haathon mein hi humara aaj aur aane wala kal hai…. Beti ko bachao!!!

Save Girl Child Slogans in Hindi

Beti ko bacha kar hi hum is desh ko bacha sakte hain.

Beti hi hai jo ek ghar- parivar mein khushiyan laati hai. Beti hi hai jo ek vansh ko aage le jati hai.

Beti hai toh hi bhavishya hai. Beti ko bachana hai.

Poster on Save Girl Child with Slogan in English

If you want to save your future, you have to save the girl child.

Girl child is what defines a country.

Save girl child and only then you can save your family, your country.

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