Funny Spiritual Messages for Students

Funny Spiritual Messages for Students

Students need to be enlightened. Motivational thoughts and inspirational quotes are essential in imparting them knowledge and understanding of life. Given below are funny spiritual messages for students. You can use these sample text messages to share a useful quote with a hint of humor in it. Remember, sometimes you need to use fun element to pass on a serious and useful thought to students.

1). Do carry bad experiences in your head. Leave them to God to take care of. You must focus only on actions, actions without bad intentions. So break free and work hard to be successful.

2). If you want to make God laugh then discuss your plans with him. Make him your best friend and he will guide you through the good and bad times in life.

3). A student who doesn’t read good books is as good as a person who cannot read. When God has given you eyes to read and brains, make sure you use them. Do not let the gifts of God go waste.

4). When you pray to God, be careful of your reaction. If you have asked for rain, you must not complaint of the mud. Freedom always brings along responsibility. So know what you are asking for.

5). In order to be successful, you will have to fight the battle. God can serve you everything on the platter but cannot feed you. You cannot bring a change without making efforts for it.

6). God has created a funny equation of life. You only get what you have put in. You only reap what you sowed. So be careful with what you are putting in today.

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