Funny I Miss you Messages for Girlfriend

Funny I miss you messages for girlfriend

We always want to live with the person we love, but it is not always possible to make it as for many reasons we have to stay apart. When you miss your girlfriend, you can let her know about your feelings with a beautiful text message. Express your emotion through the words and present the sad feelings in a funny way so that your love one feels happy.

Here a nice collection of funny I miss you message sample is essayed below:

1). Right now I am away from you, but once I meet you, I take you in my arms and never let you go; but please for me, shed off your weight so it will be easier for me to pick you up. Miss you.

2). I know you feel relief as I am away and there is no one who makes you annoyed the way I do, but very soon I will be back again, I know you miss me too, and reading this make you annoyed more. I miss you.

3). The only fall that makes me happy, instead of giving me the pain is when I have fallen in love with you; since then you have changed my life and make it beautiful. I miss you so much.

4). Life with you is beyond what I expect; whatever happens in my life is extreme; we fight at the top level, we argue so much, but we love more than anything else. I wish the rest of the life remains the same. Miss you.

5). I don’t know how to express my feelings for you; but one thing I want to say I love you today and always. No matter what the distance comes, but I will be always there with you with the hearts and love. Miss you.

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