Funny I Miss you Messages for Boyfriend

Funny I Miss you Messages for Boyfriend

Express your desire and wishes to your boyfriend when you are away from him, but in a funny way. Send a beautiful and loving message to him proposing I love you through words. To miss your boyfriend, you no need to have a big thing, you can miss him anywhere and at anytime, especially when you are away from him. Present your loving wishes to your boyfriend coated with the words and let him know how much you miss him.

Here a cute list of funny I miss you message samples for boyfriend is presented below:

1). Many love stories are there in the world, but ours are the sweetest among all. You know the sweetest thing in you is, you never say enough when I say one thing at least thousand times. Love you and miss you.

2). You are the perfect partner, I have; though you promise you never let me alone, but you do, though you promise to share every emotion with me, but you forget; still I love you and love you forever.”

3). Why you go away, I don’t know; but I know you come back soon as you are incomplete without me; I love you is the only truth of life, but please end this waiting and take me in your arms. Miss you.

4). You may get lots of partners better than me, but you are the first and the last one in my life, I want to share my love; you understand me, you even know my silence. I miss you very much.

5). Sharing life with me is not that easy, but I congratulate you that you dare to attempt and succeed. Be with me always in my side and in my mind. Though miles come in between, but nothing can stop me loving you. Miss you.

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