Funeral Messages for Flowers Sister

Funeral Messages for Flowers Sister

The loss of a sister is a much painful Condolence wishes sent with the funeral flowers for sister’s funeral can be sent through cards along with notes of memories shared with the sister. The cards along with the funeral flowers are placed with the sister as she is laid to rest and give comfort to the family members.

Following are some of funeral flower text messages for sister with sample example.

1). Through this card, I send my condolences and funeral flowers for your funeral, my sister. Your sudden demise has saddened me a lot. May Lord bless your soul with eternal peace.

2). Sending you my deepest condolences and funeral flowers wreath on your funeral. I will miss you, my beloved sister. I pray to Lord to bless your soul with eternal peace.

3). I send funeral flowers for my beloved sister as she is laid to rest. May her soul rest in peace.

4). I send funeral wishes and flowers for the loss of my loving sister. I pray to the Lord to bless my sister’s soul with eternal peace.

5). Sending you funeral flowers and funeral wishes for you, my beloved sister. I am deeply saddened by your demise. May your soul rest in peace.

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