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Best Emoji Status, Emoji Whatsapp Messages

Make it a fun World Emoji Day with Emoji messages for WhatsApp to share with everyone on your list of contacts. Celebrated every year on July 17th, this day is dedicated to the emojis which help us express our emotions and feelings in a cute way. Share with everyone around you unique emoji status and emoji WhatsApp status to remind them to celebrate this day.

Here is the compilation of World Emoji Day messages, Emoji messages for WhatsApp and best emoji status. With these emoji status for WhatsApp and emoji Facebook status, you can have some fun.

Emoji Messages for Whatsapp

You don’t have to use words when you have emojis. Happy World Emoji Day.

If there is a better way to express your feelings than words then they are emojis.

Emojis are the expression of emotions. Happy World Emoji Day.

Say it all without having to say it at all with emojis.

Emoji Status for Whatsapp

You cannot always say that you are laughing but you can express it with an emoji.

The world of emojis is so much more fun than simple words. Happy World Emoji Day.

Thanks to the man who invented emojis as he changed the way we communicate.

Say it better with emojis. Wishing a very Happy World Emoji Day.

Sad Emoji Status for Whatsapp

You don’t have to say that you are sad when you have a sad emoji to express it for you.

When you are sad and you lack words, emojis are a big help to you.

Just a simple frowning emoji can tell the world you are sad.

When you lack words, you can express your sadness with emojis.

Best Emoji Status for Whatsapp

For those who are always short of words to express, emojis always save them.

Emojis are a good way to save time and efforts. Happy World Emoji Day.

Whether you are hesitant or lacking words, emojis can do the talking for you.

The world of emojis makes communication so much more fun.

Funny Emoji Status

Creativity has no limit when it comes to creating emojis. Happy World Emoji Day.

You can find the weirdest and the strangest emojis to help you say it all.

If you are conscious about picking the right words, pick the right emoji and you are sorted.

Wishing a very Happy World Emoji Day to all those who love to use emojis over words.

Love Status with Emoji in English

There are so many beautiful ways to express your love with emojis.

Whether it is a kiss you wish to send or your heart, with emojis everything is possible.

Emojis are a wonderful way to communicate with your beloved.

With emojis, sometimes the distance doesn’t hurt that much in love. Happy World Emoji Day.

Attitude Status with Emoji in English

The good thing about emojis is you can have your attitude reflect in your chat.

Thanks to emojis that we can express even our attitude. Happy World Emoji Day.

You don’t want to get a taste of my attitude because I have the right emojis for it.

The right attitude can be expressed with the right emoji. Happy World Emoji Day.

Good Morning Status with Emoji

Make someone’s day a beautiful one with a lovely emoji.

Start a day with a good morning emoji and have your day rock.

A bright sunny morning emoji can certainly light up your day.

Warm wishes on World Emoji Day. Let the emotions be expressed right with emojis.

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