Easter Messages to Staff

Sample Easter Messages to Staff

Easter is a celebration of resurrection of Lord Jesus which occurs three days after his crucifixion. The Easter wishes for the staff are sent through text messages and cards. One can send the wishes through text messages through mobile. Uploading a beautiful Easter photograph along with Easter wishes through social networking sites is also a good idea. One can also recorded Easter wishes on video clips for the staff and send it to them on a DVD. The employers can also send Easter gifts for the staff and employees. Some of the samples of Easter messages 2018 for staff examples sent in different ways are given below:

CEO Easter Messages to Staff

The CEO of a company is the managing head of an organization or the company. The CEO sends Easter wishes to the employees and the staff for a happy Easter celebration. The CEO Easter wishes can be sent through emails to all the staff and also through text messages or cards for them.

“These Easter wishes come directly from the CEO to his qualitative and well trained staff for a happy Easter. Let us pray together to the Lord for a prosperous life and a happy Easter celebration. Have a happy Easter.”

Easter Messages to All Staff

Easter wishes are sent to all the staff of an organization which makes them feel the company or the organization cares about them and they feels happy. The Easter wishes to all the staff is sent through emails or text messages sent in bulk to all the staff members.

“I wish to all my staff a happy and prosperous Easter celebration. Come let us fast and pray together to the Lord for showering peace into the world and happiness in our lives. Have a happy Easter.”

Easter Messages to Employees

Easter wishes to the employees are sent through cards or text messages, o9ne can also send Easter wishes video clips to all the employees of the organization. The Easter wishes are sent to the employees to make them feel good and happy.

“For my employees, I send happy Easter wishes for a prosperous Easter celebration. I wish your life be filled with cherished moments of love and joy with prayers to the Lord on Easter.”

Sample Miscellaneous Easter messages to staff:

“Wish you a very happy Easter holidays. Enjoy this season with your family and friends

“May this season bring the freshness of spring and the happiness of spending time with your family. Happy Easter”

“May this Easter fill your hearts with new hope and faith. May this season bring a lot of success.”

“For the employees of Symantec, I wish a happy Easter celebration filled with moments of joy and love. On this Easter, let us come together to pray and observe fast for Lord Jesus to bless us with prosperity.”

“To all the staff members, I wish you all a happy Easter. On this Easter, let us all fast and pray for peace on earth and happiness in all lives. Have a marvelous Easter celebration.”

“Through this beautiful card, the CEO of Symantec sends happy Easter wishes to all its staff members. I wish your life be happy with joyful moment everyday as you pray to Lord Jesus for His choicest blessings.

For my employees, I wish you all a happy Easter filled with moments of celebration and love. Let us come together for fasting and praying to the Lord for peace in the world and happiness in everyone’s lives. “

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