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Every year on the first Saturday in July, the International Day of Cooperatives is commemorated. The key goal of this celebration is to raise consciousness about cooperatives and to showcase the cooperative movement’s contributions to addressing the world’s big problems. Co-operatives are organisations and businesses that help people better their life while also contributing to their community’s and country’s economic, social, cultural, and political development.

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Best International Cooperative Day Messages, Quotes and Greetings

As a society, we should recognise the importance of cooperating in existence. This will allow us to contribute to the society’s growth. Greetings on International Cooperative Day.

Cooperatives must be established. We need to build internal networks. We must collaborate to foster community cooperation. Best wishes on International Cooperative Day.

On International Cooperative Day, let’s think about and feel about things that we have to do with behaviour in the context of others which will help us achieve positive outcomes.

International Cooperative Day is a reminder that we should think collaboratively and together. Let’s concentrate on building networks.

It is the concept of mutual work that allows all of us to grow and build. International Cooperative Day greetings to everyone!

International Cooperative Day is an opportunity to acknowledge that collaboration is a bonding movement that allows people to work together to make the world a safer place.

Cooperation enables us to meet the Sustainable Development Goals and pave the way for a more inclusive and equal future. Warm wishes on International Cooperative Day.

In times of humanity’s turmoil, cooperatives and other collective and solidarity economy enterprises will point the path to resilience. International Cooperative Day wishes to all.

Cooperatives promote the value of hard work. They strive for greater workplace stability and high standards of welfare. Greetings on International Cooperative Day.

International Cooperative Day acknowledges that cooperatives serve as a message to the international community that economic viability and social justice should coexist.

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