Congratulations Messages for Wedding Anniversary

Congratulations Messages for Wedding Anniversary

A wedding anniversary is a big celebration that everyone wants to celebrate it in a grand way and if it is your friend’s or close ones’ wedding anniversary, you should not waste your time to say congratulation. Your message contains your thoughts and wishes in a very beautiful manner so that it makes him/her happy. Wedding is the beginning of a new journey and your message on the anniversary makes the environment delight and cheerful.

Here a beautiful list of congratulation message samples for wedding anniversary is presented below:

1). Being together, you both have experienced a journey with love and affection. Ups and downs were there, but the day takes you back to the day of your union. Sharing smiles and pain, you crossed some ways, but you both have a long way to go. Congratulation.

2). God makes people in pair and love makes them a true couple forever; you both look perfect only together, so always be with each other and feel the joy of life forever. Holding each other’s hand, ride the journey with fun. Congratulation.

3). I would like to congratulate you for your wedding anniversary. The love, you cherish together always stays untouched from the storm and fear. Whatever you have shared it with each other and plan a journey for the future.

4). The circle of life is beautiful and today the time takes you both back on the day you promised to be together always; lots of things have changed now, but the love is still the same. The smile and happiness will always stay with you. Congratulation.

5). It is our pleasure to see you both together. Paint your life with beautiful colors, but never let each other alone in dark shades of color; go together and break the worst, no matter what the situation is. Congratulation for your wedding anniversary.

6). It is the beginning of your journey and lots of emotions are yet to feel together. Give support in cry and cheer loud in smile together. Life has many colors, so enjoy each one with the same freshness of love that you have a few years back. Congratulation.

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