Condolence Messages for Friends Mother

Condolence Messages for Friends Mother

The news of the loss of a friend’s mother is saddening for a friend who sends condolence wishes for the friend through cards or text messages. One can take condolence cards and give it to the friend when he or she visits the friend.

Given below are some of the condolence messages for friend’s mother.

1). It is hard to imagine what you must be going through, dear friend. Your mom will be missed. May God give you the strength in such difficult time.

2). I know you must be feeling so alone on losing your mom. May the sorrow you are feeling in your heart lighten with the love of people around you.

3). I don’t have any words to express the sadness on the loss of your mother. I am always with you, my dear friend. The memory of your mother will live in our hearts forever.

4). Please accept my heartfelt sympathy on the passing of your mother. Your mother will be truly missed. I am always there for you.

5). We are so sorry about the death of your mother. We will certainly miss her. She is there in our thoughts and prayers.

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