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Being a single parent is surely not easy and Single Parent’s Day is a day dedicated to all the single parents who put in their heart and soul in raising their children, facing challenges of life each and every day. March 21th is observed as Single Parents’ Day every year. It is nothing but a sweet gesture to honor the hard work and sacrifices of single parents for the life of their children. If you know any such single parent in your family, friends or neighbor then wish him or her a very Happy Single Parents’ Day messages single mom quotes, messages and wishes just for this day.

Browse through the collection of amazing Single Parents’ Day messages and single mom quotes that honor the spirits of single parents in the most special way.

Inspirational Message for Single Mom

“You are not just a mom but you are a super mom who has also been a dad. You are an inspiration for everyone out there.”

“It is a big challenge to be a single mom but the way you have dealt with this challenge, it is beyond words. You are amazing!!!”

“When you are a single mom, there are so many responsibilities on your shoulder and you have fulfilled them all with your never-give-up attitude.”

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Single Parents Day Meme

“Warm wishes on Single Parents Day. You are the inspiration we all need.”

Having a single parent like you is like having a mom and a dad in one person.”

“There is no way to thank you for being a rocking, responsible and loving single parent.”

“Though you have a single parent but you have bought double the joy and smiles in my life.

“So what you were single, you have always made me double proud and I love you to the moon and back.”

Single Parents Day Greeting Card Messages for a Friend

“It calls for a lot of courage to play the roles of both the parents for your child. You are amazing”

“I feel proud of you the way you handle situations and move ahead in life.”

“Being a single parent is like pulling a cart all alone. You are very brave and tough.”

“Being a single parent is handling all the stress alone, work alone and tears all alone. Trust me, you will get double joy and happiness from your kids.”

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Funny Single Parents Quotes and Sayings

“Seven continents, five oceans, millions of people, I am still single.”

“Don’t think that life is full of struggles for a single parent, it’s actually journey being single and strong.”

“You are never single as long as god is with you.”

“When couples quarrel and get separated, they change their status to single. But when children fight with their parents and move out why don’t they change their status to orphans.”

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Happy Single Parents Day Messages

1. Sending warm Single Parents Day wishes to the most amazing mother who has always put her children before herself and has raised them with the best of everything…. You are truly an inspiration for many for us….. Happy Single Parents’ Day to you.

2. I am so fortunate to know a man like you who is not just an amazing dad to his kids but also a mother to them…. You are truly a motivation to all those who fail to be with their children, who have excuses for not making it up to them…. Warm wishes to you on Single Parents’ Day.

3. Raising a child as a single parent is never easy and when you are a single mother, it is even more difficult…. Salute to a woman like you who never surrendered to situations and worked hard to give her kids the best life…. Greetings to you on Single Parents’ Day.

4. Being a single parent demands twice your hard work, twice your time…. It brings along twice the tensions, twice the stress…. But amazing single parents like you are rewarded with twice the love and twice the care…. Wishing you a very Happy Single Parents’ Day.

5. When you are a single parent, you have to perform both the roles, fighting situations and challenges on daily basis, never breaking down in front of your children…. Wishing Happy Single Parents’ Day to a heroic mother whom every lady looks up to for inspiration.

6. The life of a single parent goes in juggling roles and responsibilities…. Your dedication, your commitment and your love for your children is what has kept you going without any distractions…. Wishing a very Happy Single Parents’ Day to the best dad I know!!!

7. Life is a challenge and for single parents it is a much difficult challenge…. You are not just a single mother but you are a living inspiration for everyone around you…. Hats off to your dedication and love for your kids…. Warm wishes on Single Parents’ Day to you.

8. The never say die spirit can only come from the immense love you have for your children which has worked as the strongest motivational force for you to keep facing the tough times and conquering the situations…. Three cheers to the amazing single mom I know!!!

9. Life is what you make out of it…. Looking at the way you have raised your children being a single parent, I feel so fortunate that I have known a woman of steel who never surrendered to situations for her children…. Wishing you a very Happy Single Parents’ Day.

10. Managing different roles, handling the most adverse situations, giving your children the best of your time and attention….. You have come a long way painting their lives beautifully…. Best wishes to you on Single Parents’ Day as you make the most wonderful mother.

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