Clever Birthday Wishes and Messages

Clever Birthday Wishes and Messages

Celebrate your dear ones birthday with some extra fun. Share the cleverest birthday wishes and messages, the ones like riddles and let them solve a brain twister on their birthday. Don’t we all get confused whether we can solve riddles or not, then why not throw this interesting challenge to someone on their special day? Send clever birthday wishes to people who have lot of interests in solving riddles, go for a very clever birthday message. These types of birthday wishes are not mysterious and make sure that it doesn’t go over the head of the recipient. Well, you can also for clever yet inspiring birthday messages. So, here we go out on a list of the best collection of clever birthday wishes.

Check out our examples and go on wishing your loved ones and putting a smile on their face.

1). Happy Birthday Friend! I have to nail you on your special day with a message just to proof that I have grown up with you; it’s a wonderful experience.

2). Birthday wishes to the young handsome man. This text carries a serious message for your day, don’t worry about getting wrinkles as they don’t come as fast as your birthday every year. You are still young and cool.

3). On your day, I welcome you to the group of special treatments for an old man and with the message that I am sure you will be happy with the treatments. Birthday wishes.

4). Best Birthday Wishes. Did you know that the man with the maximum candles on the cake wins in his life’s journey? So keep spreading this message and be a perfect example of it.

5). Today you have got the license of doing everything openly which you have been doing secretly in your teenage days. Welcome to the group of adults with warm wishes on your birthday.

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