Christmas Eve Messages for Children

Sample Christmas Eve Messages for Children

The Christmas Eve festival is celebrated on the day before Christmas and is celebrated across the world. On this day people get together for feasting and merry making and welcoming baby Jesus on earth. The people send gifts and Christmas Eve wishes for adults and children and feast together. The Christmas Eve wishes for the children can be sent through text messages or beautiful cards. One can create personalized cards with beautiful pictures which children love and send them. One can also send Christmas Eve wishes for the children on social networking sites or can record the wishes on video clips and send it to the children on a DVD. Some of the samples of Christmas Eve messages for children are given below:

Christmas Eve messages for Parents from children

The parents wish the children on Christmas Eve and send presents for them to make them feel good and special. The Christmas Eve wishes can be sent through cards with gifts for the children to make them happier on the day.

“For my lovely children, these Christmas Eve wishes are from your parents and we pray to Lord to bless them with good luck and prosperity always. Let us come together for praying and welcoming baby Jesus into the world amongst as a leader.”

Father Christmas messages for children

Father sends Christmas Eve messages for the children are sent with gifts for the children. The fathers send gifts of the choice of the children and make the Christmas Eve much more special for them. The father can also send the wishes through video clips to make it more special.

“On Christmas Eve, here are gifts and wishes from your father and come let us pray to the Lord to bless us all with happiness and prosperity always. I look forward to enjoying a great Christmas Eve feast with you children.”

Christmas Eve Card messages for children

Christmas Eve wishes can also be sent through cards. One can buy cards the children would love or can create personalized cared with the wishes and gifts and send it to the children. The children would love the wishes and the gifts would make the day much more special.

“This card brings to you Christmas Eve wishes along with gifts for you, my children on this special day. Let us all pray and get ready to welcome baby Jesus into the world with happiness and peace.”

Sample Miscellaneous Christmas Eve messages to children:

“This video clip brings to you Christmas Eve wishes from your father and I pray to the Lord to bless you always with cherished moments and prosperity. Let us come together and celebrate a feast for Christmas Eve.”

“The Christmas Eve card brings to my children my love and wishes for a superb Christmas Eve feast and merry making. I pray to the Lord to bless you all with happiness and love always.”

“From the parents to their lovely children, this card brings my love and Christmas Eve wishes for you and wish you celebrate Christmas Eve feast with fervor. I wish you all the happiness on Christmas Eve.”

“On Christmas Eve, I wish you prosperity and happiness through this card and pray to the lord to Shower the best and choicest blessings of love and joy on you.”

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