Christian Sympathy Messages for Loss of Sister

Christian sympathy messages for loss of sister

Christian sympathy wishes for the loss of sister are sent to Christian families and Christian siblings who have lost their sister. The Christian sympathy wishes can be sent through condolence cards, text messages with the condolences and notes for the family members.

Lovely samples of Christian sympathy messages for the loved ones and families to send through texts:

1). Dear friend, I send my Christian sympathies for the loss of your sister. I hope you recover the loss soon and I will be surely there at the funeral to have a last look at her.

2). To my friend, deepest Christian sympathies for the loss of your sister. I would be there at her funeral to pray for her soul and I hope you get the courage at this difficult time.

3). This text carries Christian sympathy messages for my friend on the loss of your sister. I extend my love and would join you in the mass prayer for your sister at the church.

4). Through this text, I extend my Christian sympathy messages for the loss of your sister. I hope my friend gets all the support to overcome the loss and I would attend the funeral service at the church tomorrow.

5). Dearest friend, sending Christian sympathies on the death of your sister. I would attend the mass prayer service at the church on memory of your sister and pray for her for sure.

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