Christian Anniversary Messages to a Couple

Christian Anniversary Messages to a Couple

Anniversary to a couple is a very special date and they always want to cherish all those moments that bring them together. It is the day to pray to God for the well being of the couple and your wishes can make their journey happy and smiling. Christian anniversary message is all about the prayers that one offers to the lord for a couple. The words of the message can make them feel special and talk about the value of a relationship.

A nice collection of Christian anniversary message to a couple is essayed below:

1). The journey you started together may always be joyful. May the Lord always keep you together in his blessing and make your road smoother. Stay always together in bad and good and share the life with each other. Happy anniversary.

2). Let the god be happy to make you both as a couple. Tear and cheer, whatever comes in your way share it together and enjoy the every shade of color. God gives you the life and let you free to make it beautiful. Happy anniversary.

3). You two set a true example of love and care. The way you enjoy the journey together, the way you smile together make us believe in love. You may experience lots of highs and lows, but the love you share stays above all. Happy anniversary.

4). I wish you many years of your togetherness. Enjoy your beautiful life together and make the hurdles smoother holding each other’s hand. You are the perfect couple God makes it once in a decade and you deserve the happiness forever. Happy anniversary.

5). “You are the made for each other couple, who share smiles and tears, joy and fear together. Never let each other alone and keep your love always young. Be happy always and count lots of happy years together.

6). The album of your life must be enriched with joy and pride. The each picture of your album tells you the story of your love that you share with each other. Many stories are written on the page, but lots more are yet to make. Happy anniversary.

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