Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Messages 2023 – Wishes/Quotes

Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Messages, Mid-Autumn Moon Sayings

Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th month of Chinese Lunar calendar and is second most popular festival in China after the Chinese New Year. It is the harvest festival which is celebrated in the middle of autumn season and is also known as Moon festival because it is at this time of the year that moon shines the brightest and has a perfect round shape. This year, 29 September will be observed as Mid-Autumn festival 2023 in China. Don’t forget to share Moon Cake Festival quotes and Sayings along with Happy Mid-Autumn Festival Messages with your loved ones.

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 Wishes Images, Greetings, Messages, Status

1. May the brightness of moon and stars fill your life with positivity and happiness…. Wishing you a blissful and cheerful Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

2. May the round moon brings in your life a brighter, happier and more successful future….. Sending best wishes on auspicious occasion of Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

3. I wish that your celebrate this auspicious time of the year with your family and friends and are blessed with a successful year ahead….. Wishing you Happy Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

4. When the moon is round in autumn, it is a signal that it is the time to reunite, enjoy the festivities and happy times with loved ones…. Happy Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

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Chinese mid-autumn Festival Quotes and Sayings

5. May this festival of harvest bring eternal joy and happiness in our lives….. Sending warm wishes on Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

6. When moon is perfect round, when it is the mid of autumn, it calls for celebration with hopes for a happier days ahead…. Happy Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

7. May each and every day of your life is as happy and as bright as the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival…. Best wishes on this special occasion!!!

8. It is time to thank God for a good harvest and seek his blessings for another prosperous year…. Happy Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Slogan

9. Let us raise a toast for a happy and healthy future….. Wishing you a very blessed Mid-Autumn Day!!!

10. Wishing you a perfect life, just like the perfect round shape of the moon in Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

11. Happy Mid-Autumn Day!!!! May you are blessed with success in your future ventures.

12. May your professional and personal life are blessed with moments of joy and happiness…. Happy Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

Mid Autumn Festival Greeting Card Messages

13. Wishing you a very Happy Mid Autumn Festival…. May you enjoy the bright moonshine with twinkling stars full of happiness and blessings for you.

14. On the occasion of Mid Autumn Festival, I am sending you warm greetings full of love, happiness and blessings.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival Wishes

15. May the Mid Autumn Festival bring along lots of goodness in your life, in your heart and in your home…. Enjoy this festival to the fullest.

16. May you enjoy the bright and happy Mid Autumn Festival with your loved ones to create beautiful memories for life.

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