Break Up Messages for Ex Girlfriend

Break Up Messages for Ex Girlfriend

The ex girlfriend is someone special with whom one was in a romantic relationship for a certain period of time. The break up with an ex girlfriend suggests the end of the romantic relationship shared between the boyfriend and girlfriend and results in a friendship between the two. The break up wishes for the cute ex girlfriend can be sent through best text messages.

Break up messages for ex girlfriend are sent by boyfriend. Read below to send break up messages for your ex girlfriend.

1). You were not what you used to be. I thought you to be the perfect girl for me. It is good that we are apart now.

2). You were an important part of my life. Our relationship is not the same anymore. Hope we can still be friends.

3). Our love at some point of time was very beautiful. But you were not faithful to me as I was with you. We have parted ways just because of you.

4). You always wanted to change me and never accepted the way I was. It is good that we moved apart as I did get a woman who has accepted me the way I really am.

5). You always wanted a perfect relationship and in your efforts we went to an imperfect relationship. I hope you are much happier now after breaking up with me.

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