Break Up Messages for Ex Boyfriend

Ex Boyfriend Break Up Messages

The ex boyfriend is someone with whom one was in a romantic relationship for any period of time. The break up with a cute ex boyfriend means the end of the romantic relationship and then what remains is the friendly relationship between them. The best break up wishes for the ex boyfriend can be sent through text messages.

Ex boyfriend is someone with whom you were in a love relationship. The relationship is over and you want to convey this breakup.

Some of the examples of Sweet breakup message for Ex boyfriend are given below.

1). For my ex boyfriend, this is to let you know about the mutual break up between us. I hope you can move on in your life without much sadness.

2). We have spent such wonderful times together and I must say you are a good human being. And now it’s over between you and me. We both were responsible for ruining our relationship. But we can still continue to be friends. Can’t we?

3). A relationship of fights and arguments was not what I wanted. But we did really love each other. And now when the love is gone, we have parted our ways for good.

4). I always thought we were a perfect couple. And then things went wrong and now, we are here apart from each other. It pains, but we need to move on.

5). My feelings for you have changed and now I have someone else in my life. I know you will understand this and will not take this thing to your heart. Love comes and goes is what I want to say.

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