21+ Inspirational Blue Monday Positive Quotes and Sayings

Blue Monday Positive Quotes Sayings Messages

After a relaxed and happy weekend, it is quite difficult to get back to a busy and work-loaded Monday and that’s why we all have Monday blues. Kill those Monday blues with inspirational and motivational quotes drafted to make Monday moods better. Recharge your body and mind with the blue Monday positive quotes that will infuse you with positive energy. Don’t let anything ruin an amazing week for you with the wonderful positive quotes that direct you towards hope.

This post includes some of the most inspiring Happy Blue Monday quotes, Blue Monday messages and Blue Monday Positive Sayings. Use these Blue Monday quotes and sayings to wish your family and friends and recharge them with happy vibes for the coming week.

Positive Messages and Quotes for Blue Monday Morning

Monday marks the fresh start to your week and to your dreams. Make the most out of Mondays by welcoming them with open arms.

You cannot really fall in love with Monday until and unless you love your work. So if you hate Mondays, you must learn to love what you are doing or do what you actually love.

Don’t let the Monday blues kill the energy and inspiration you have inside you. Make the most of your Mondays with a positive mind.

There is something special about Mondays and that is that this day always inspires you to begin fresh and with a smile on your face. Have a great week ahead.

Don’t be weak enough to let the Monday blues define your upcoming week but be strong and face the upcoming challenges with a smile.

Monday is truly inspiring and energizing if you allow it to be so. May the Monday blues end for you soon and you enjoy a wonderful week ahead.

It is not just a Monday but it is a new start to a new week and it completely depends on you that what you make out of it. Wishing you a fabulous week ahead.

Inspirational Blue Monday Quotes and Sayings

Don’t let the Monday blues take away the brightness and joys of your life. Have a cheerful and energetic week ahead.

There are so many opportunities waiting for you as the new week begins. Make the most of each of the chances that come by your way.

If you truly love your work then Mondays for you can never be blue because you will always be charged up and cheerful to work.

There is something rejuvenating about Monday that infuses the soul with new spirit to make a fresh start as another new week begins.

Whatever has happened in the week gone by, forget it and get ready for another amazing week that is going to bring you many opportunities to move ahead in life.

Monday blues are for those who have a negative approach in life because each Monday is a signal that weekend is not far away.

Always look forward to Mondays as each and every week has something beautiful to offer. Hoping for a fantastic week ahead.

Monday Blues Quotes for Instagram

Paint Mondays into red and forget the blues.

Don’t let the Monday blues tone down your energy. Gear up and achieve the impossible.

It is you who is going to decide the color of your Mondays. Make it bright and beautiful.

May this Monday does not make you dull but may this Monday recharge your soul, body and mind.

May the goodness of Monday spread into our lives many more joys and does not make it dull and boring.

Welcome the Monday like it is not the start of the week but the weekend and you will enjoy it to the fullest.

The good thing about Mondays is that it brings along new dreams and new hopes for us. Don’t let the Monday blues take away the new news in our lives.

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