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Pi Day is observed every year on March 14th. Pi is the symbol used in Math for representing a constant, the value of which is 3.14159. Make it a special day with funny Pi Day jokes and Math jokes. Celebrate this day with Pi Day messages and funny Pi Day quotes.

We have with us funny Pi Day jokes that promise to tickle your funny bones. So send these amazingly funny Pi Day jokes to your loved ones on Facebook or WhatsApp and also make them laugh.

Happy Pi Day 14th March Funny Jokes Messages

1). I used to wonder if it is Pi Day or Pie Day, not because I m a foodie but because Math is sometimes scary…. Happy Pi Day!!!

2). On Pi Day, I wish that you always able to solve all your Mathematics problems with ease….. Best wishes to you my dear.

3). Do you know what is the official animal of Pi Day….. Well the answer is PI thon!!! Happy Pi Day to you.

4). For a mathematician, Pi are squared but for a baker, pies are always round, though cakes can be square….. Happy Pi Day.

5). What will you get when you take the sun and then divide its circumference by using its diameter….. The answer is that you will get Pi up in the sky.

6). Have you ever heart of Eskimo Pi…. Well that is the pi in Alaska which is only 3.00 when it gets super cold as everything tends to shrink when it is very cold.

7). Do you know what is PI rate….??? Well it is 3.14% of sailors.

8). If you want a Moon Pi then all you need to do is take green cheese and then simply divide the circumference by the diameter.

9). If you think that you answer is correct then you are mistaken because you have rounded the pi at the third place.

10). I welcome you to the nerd side because we have pi…. Happy Pi Day.

Funny Pi Day Jokes – Best Hilarious Pi One-Liner Jokes

Always avoid a conversation with pi as it can go on forever and ever.

Can you guess the favorite dessert of Isaac Newton? It is Apple Pi.

Pi is always so fortunate in love as its love is forever and non repeating.

When pi was asked what is a Pi Day then it said it that it does not want to repeat itself.

It is interesting to know that 3.14 sailors in the world are Pi-rates.

How many bakers are actually needed to bake a pie? The answer is 3.14.

What is the harm in having too much pi? You will have a big circumference in the end.

Pi-thon is the favorite snake of the mathematicians.

What did pi tell the spouse in an argument? You are being irrational.

Pi failed its driving test as it did not know where to stop.

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