Beautiful Love Text Messages for Love

Life messages for love

Express the deep meaning of life to your love through the life wishes and quotes. the heart touching life messages would make your love realize the essence and value of a good life and to shun away any wrongdoing. One can also send love notes and gifts to the love along with life wishes to encourage better. The life wishes can be sent through text messages to the person you love.

Excellent samples of life messages to love are given below to choose from and send:

  1. Dear love, I send you this text to encourage you for a better life. Do erase all wrongdoing from your life to make it much better and a peaceful one in future.
  2. For my love, I send this life wish to encourage you for removing ill practices. Your life would be much happier and blissful with good motives and actions.
  3. For dear love, this life wishes for betterment of your life through good work. A good work would bring happiness to not only others life but to you as well.
  4. To my sweet love, this life text to encourage you to believe in God and doing right. Your life would definitely b the best you can think of with goodness.
  5. Dear love, do shun all wrongdoing and take righteous path of goodness Lord has given you. your good activities would result in happiness in your life always.
  6. For cute love, I send this life wish to motivate you in believing in Lord always. It is He who blesses us all with prosperity and love and sends good luck to our lives.

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