Bad Poetry Day Messages and Quotes in English – 18 August

Happy Bad Poetry Day Message, Bad Poetry Quotes in English

It is true that not everyone is good at writing and that’s why we celebrate National Bad Poetry Day on August 18th to encourage more and more people to write poetry even it is not in rhyme. Share with your family and friends Bad Poetry quotes and National Bad Poetry Day greeting messages. Wish them on this special day with messages that motivate them to be expressive in writing.

We have come up with few amazing Bad Poetry Day messages in English which make a perfect share on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram with your near and dear ones.

Bad Poetry Day Messages in English

1). On Bad Poetry Day, I just want to remind you to never give up on writing, no matter how naïve you are at it.

2). Warm wishes on Bad Poetry Day to you…. Pick up a piece of paper and pen and put your thoughts into poems that touch every heart.

3). Not everyone is born as a poet but some become great poets with their great efforts… On Bad Poetry Day, I wish you all the luck to keep writing poetries.

4). Poems are a beautiful way to express your feelings and a bad poetry is the next best way to go about it…. Wishing you a very Bad Poetry Day.

5). Bad Poetry Day reminds us that there is no harm in being a bad poet because you never know that you might end up becoming a good one with your constant efforts.

6). Let us celebrate the unique occasion of Bad Poetry Day by writing poetries without hesitation and by enjoying every bit of this experience.

7). Have a wonderful Bad Poetry Day….. Don’t ever give up on the hope that you can write a good poem because every bad poetry you write is a step towards a good one.

8). The most beautiful thing about Bad Poetry Day is that is encourages all of us to write poems, to help us come out of the fear of writing a bad poem.

9). Wishing a very Happy Bad Poetry Day to you my dear…. I know that you have the talent to write but just because you are scared to writing a bad poem, not writing a poem at all is a bad idea.

10). On the occasion of Bad Poetry Day, I really wish that you give up on the hesitation of writing a poetry and write simply what you like.

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