Baby Shower Card Message to Sister

Baby Shower Card Message to Sister

Baby shower cards are meant for giving the sister on her baby shower day. Cards are always a popular form of greeting. The siblings can buy or also create a personalized card for the sister with the wish written on it along with a picture or a moment the siblings shared. This would make the sister feel more special and loved.

Following are the samples of sweet baby shower card message to sister sent in different ways:

1). Dear sister, through this card I wish you a beautiful baby shower event and pray that you have a lovely child just like you are.

2). Sister, this card carries heartiest wishes for a lovely baby shower occasion. I hope your child be one of the best and become a good person in life.

3). Lovely sister, heartfelt baby shower wishes to you through this beautiful card. I wish you a healthy pregnancy and pray to bless you with a gorgeous angel.

4). Sister, I send my wishes for your baby shower through this card and I wish you have a lovely child who will fill your life with happiness and love forever always.

5). Dearest sister, like the beautiful baby shower occasion your life may too fill up with a beautiful child full of love who would turn out to be a great person.

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